Align with a string of wire, these solar string lights create a dark somber mood for a dramatic presence. Where, high quality LED lighting fixtures align in a row backed with solar power. Yes! These Solar String Lights get their energy from the Sun, through a solar panel. However, these solar strings drive a significant illumination at your space and create a true ambiance of light at the same time.

These lights are crafted, flexible plastic cable wires, which can be effortlessly wrapped and strung however you like. They are powered by a standard us plug, which supplies a steady stream of energy source and allows for continuous, dazzling luminosity

Features and Specification

  • Energy Efficient
  • Standard Lumens Output
  • Long-Life expectancy
  • Solar Powered
  • Certified
  • Energy-Efficient

    Highly energy-efficient! How? These Solar String Lights get charged from the ‘Sun’, In, which solar panels drive those solar power into energy and enlighten the fixture. Resultant and 100% energy-saving.

    Standard Lumens Output

    As the work of these lights is to create an ambiance, and they are exceptionally well in this. These Solar String Lights have a standard lumens output, ensure the utmost brightness at your space and eventually, create an true ambiance of light all over the space.

    Long Life Expectancy

    Eventually, these lights are not the big lighting fixture. But they’ve not compromised with the fixture's durability. In, which these lights have an operational life of 50,000 hours and can operate for 8 hours continuously.


    These Solar string lights do not compromise with the performance, and to ensure that; our lighting fixture consists of RoHS, DLC, DLC Premium, Listed. Just to ensure customer trust in our fixtures.