Solar Powered Generator

Disaster can come anytime, without any prior notice! In that condition power-cuts are normal. So, what can you do in that condition? Either, you can struggle in that situation or you can prepare yourself to not get into that power-cut situations.

How? Solar Powered Generator would work for you exceptionally well at these times. This Solar-powered Generator generates power in 2 segments one through solar panels converting solar energy into electricity, where another one through wind energy.

However, you need to purchase wind-generator separately The pack contains a pack of batteries, where the electricity gets stored, and state of the art of electronics that converts 12-V to normal everyday household electricity.

We received the majority of the question, do these generators require any fuel or gas to get started? Well, No! These Solar powered generators do not require any type of fuel or gas to get started, and like any standard generate this also do not produce any sound.

Advantages of Solar Powered Generators

► Full-Fill your social responsibility and helps to reduce carbon emissions in the environment.

► Ensures access to a modern and reliable source of energy to all

► Would be a great initiative to save our climate and helps in control unusual climate change

► Saves big on your pocket! Saves on your energy bills

► Long time warranty and Longer life span

► Enhances the resiliency and reliability of power supply