Why do you need a Solar Panel? As the rising demand for renewable sources of energy, solar power comes-up as an old but tested and verified solution for everything. In which solar panels work on the “photovoltaic” principle. Where, energy has been generated from the light. The Solar Panel absorbs sun rays and transmits them into energy, which channelize through a power cord and store in a lithium battery. Where, the charge is transmitted to the lighting fixture, and makes it working, until charge remains. It reduces the electricity bills, and lasts upto 10 years.

Types of Solar Panel

Mono Crystalline solar panel-

Made of pure Silicon cells, that generates higher power, Made of Mono Perk cells with size 156 mm and 156 mm, it looks blackish in color

Poly Crystalline Solar Panel –

A traditional solar panel which are commonly used, less expensive and Lower power generation

Thin Film-

A thin-film solar panel is a newly designed solar cell technology. That compresses substrates of glass, plastic and metal. Layers can be up to 300 - 350 times smaller than the layers of standard silicon panels.

It is made by depositing one or more thin layers, or thin-film (TF) of photovoltaic material on it. Film thickness varies from a few nano-meters (nm) to tens of micrometers (µm), that allows thin-film cells to be flexible, and lower in weight.