A Fixture for Life! These Solar Garden Lights are especially designed to illuminate your garden with solar power garden lights. These lights conceive a range of color temperatures ensure day-white-light in the surroundings. However, these Solar Garden Lights can bring an utmost illumination by saving 100% on your energy-bills. What else do you want?

These Solar Garden lights are made-up of die-cast aluminium ensures that the fixture won’t heat-up while working in the long run. After, lights get charged these fixture can operates more than 8-hours-if operates continuously,

It can easily replace your metal-halide or HID lamps and brings you 80% to 90% of energy-saving at the same time. Just like any other industrial lighting, these lights do not consist of any mercury or lead and do not emit, and carbon emission makes the fixture completely environmentally friendly also.

Features and Specification

  • Easy Installation
  • IP65-Rating Water Resistance
  • Polycarbonate Optics
  • Thermal Heat Dissipation
  • Ultra-Wide Beam Angle
  • Premium LED Chips
  • High CRI
  • Low-Cost Maintenance
  • Rebate Eligible
  • Easy Installation

    The installation of these Wall Packs is quite easy, you just need a pack of screws and anchors. With the help of screw and plastic screw anchors, just ensure that you do not install these fixtures on an uneven curve or slanting ceiling.


    Just to ensure the durability of the fixture, wall packs is protected from dust and water. It can easily work in the worst climate conditions.

    Energy Saving

    It’s all about energy saving! These wall packs are crafted to replace metal-halides or HID-lamps and bring you the energy saving of 75% minimum. However, these lights bring the utmost brightness by consuming less wattage.

    High CRI

    A higher color rendering index (CRI) gives more reasons to install these Wall packs. Why? A CRI 80 ensures the standard color rendering index and reflects the real and natural appearance of the surface and object.

    Low Maintenance Cost

    Maintenance can be costly? Not exactly! Solar Garden Light is crafted in a way that does not require any regular or frequent maintenance, even if it's operated for 8 hours a day and can last up to 5 years and more. It might be possible there will be a few depreciation in lumens output at the end of the life span.

    UV & Mercury Free

    Lighting fixtures such as HID & HPS Lamps consist of mercury and lead in them and emits carbon emission. However, these Wall Packs do not consist of mercury or also not emits UV (Ultra-Violet) rays make the fixture completely safe and environmentally friendly.