Beautifully designed Solar Flower Lights molded with High Quality Material that are lightweight and more durable. Waterproof, as long as not being soaked into water. It will be functioning in most kinds of weather.If you want to make your garden look like a fairy tale, Then Look No Further, Because Solarmyplace brings You the solar Flower light Decoration Solution!

Features of Solar Flower Lights

  • Easy Installation
  • IP44-Rated
  • Premium LED Chips
  • CRI>70
  • Low Voltage
  • Multi-Color
  • Easy Installation

    Design to make your installation easy and hassle-free. These lights can be installed anywhere outside such as a parking lot or street also known as a street light or shoebox light can be installed on any pole be it round, square, or even in the wall.


    Being an outdoor lighting fixture these lights need to prepare for the worst weather condition. That’s why these lights are IP44-rated protect the fixture from dust and water/

    Premium LED Chips

    Not ordinary lights! These LED Lights are manufactured with the latest technology LED Chips. These chips turn an ordinary light to an extraordinary Solar Street Lights. Because of these lights, the fixture generates very low heats, ensures efficiency of the fixture, and saves energy, and the environment as well.

    High CRI

    These lights tend to illuminate the space; when it all turns out to total darkness. However, ensuring the true color of the object in the dark is necessary, especially on the streets. That’s why these Solar Street Lights CRI lies in (70 -90) and ensures optimal distribution of light in wider spaces such as parking-lot, and streets.

    Low-Cost Maintenance

    These Solar Street Lights consist of a grid of LEDs in them, and LEDs consume few watts, rather than metal-halide or conventional lighting. But that’s not it! The efficiency of the lighting fixture. If you are using conventional bulbs then these Solar Street Lights have 4 times more than efficiency and also wouldn’t compromise with the illumination of the fixture.