Outdoor LED Lights are those lighting fixtures that are designed to deliver utmost brightness at outdoors. These lights are defined on the basis of their lumens efficacy and wider beam angle. However, lighting fixtures such as LED Flood Lights, LED Corn Bulbs, LED Pole Lights, LED Wall Pack, LED Strip Lights to come under outdoor LED Lights.


These Outdoor LED Lights backed with a power of LEDs ensure to deliver utmost brightness. Moreover, these LED Lights made-up of aluminum housing creates an exceptional heat-dissipation system and enhances the durability of the fixture.

At the same time, these lights also consist of polycarbonate-optics, which enhances the intensity of lights and also ensures the even distribution of light al over the space.


  • High Lumens Intensity
  • IP65-67 Rated (Makes the fixture waterproof & dustproof)
  • Saves 80% to 90% of Energy
  • Ensure Utmost Brightness
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  • Eco-Friendly


These lights could be a bit expensive in comparison to your Metal-Halide or fluorescent fixtures. But after all the calculation these lights are beneficial in every aspect. How? These lights require very low-maintenance even negligible and can easily last up to 5 years and more.