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Product Description

This is the most simplest form of using solar energy. Here , the sun energy is converted into a heat energy . The sun energy through the usage of a solar collector heats up the water passed through the Solar Collector in the day time and the heated water is stored in an Insulated solar tank.

The water heated in the day time is stored in the solar tank for 48 hours . You can have any capacity of the system designed with multiple use of solar collectors and size of the solar tank.

The systems can generate upto 80°C of hot water in a day. The water can also be heated by electrical heater provision in the solar tank , in case of rainy and cloudy days.

SOLAR FLAT PLATE COLLECTORS:This is what is manufactured by SOLKAR since 1984 and we are the First ISI approved manufacturer in India. Our oldest system is now 30 years in the field. These systems are capable to heat up water to a temp of 80°C and has a life span of over 20 years.

SOLAR ETC SYSTEMS :These are primarily made in China and it is meant for high temperature application or at condition where snow is present. These type of systems are NOT suitable in tropical country like India, for simple bathing requirements, as steam can be produced and at higher ambient temp of above 42°C the glass tubes can burst.