SB40 Solar Bollard

SB40 Solar Bollard

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Product Description

The solar bollard “SB40” integrates an impressive 42 watts solar module, a breakthrough in solar power capacity. This, paired to our intrinsic design, enables the SB40 to easily cope with our northern climatic conditions throughout the year.

Ideal for architectural and commercial lighting, our bollards are equipped with the latest Philips LED lighting technology combined to a modern design with high quality construction.

The “SB40” solar bollard operates at night according to the selected operating profile; they can be programmed to operate throughout the night, dimmed when full light intensity is not required and/or turn off completely and reactivate early in the morning before sunrise.

  • Solar powered outdoor lighting;
  • All-in-one design;
  • Dimming options for longer operation;
  • Automatic activation at sunset and/or before sunrise;
  • Integrated 360° PIR presence detector;
  • No power cables or wiring needed;
  • 4 days autonomy without sunlight;
  • 50 000 hours Philips maintenance free LED operation;
  • Flexible programming according to your needs;
  • Easy battery replacement access door;
  • Powder coated aluminium housing;
  • Quick, easy and safe installation.