LX25 LED Solar Light

LX25 LED Solar Light

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Product Description

The LX25 LED Solar Light is powered by a 25W solar module, 16-20Ah battery and Philips LED. These solar lighting systems are being used in many applications including solar pathway lighting, solar public park lighting, cycling path lighting and remote areas.

These All-in-One solar lights combine the latest in LED lighting technology from Philips Lumileds, infrared motion sensor, solar module, battery and controller into a single compact and stylish housing.

There is no wiring or electrical connections. Installation is fast, easy and secure.

  • Solar powered outdoor lighting;
  • All-in-one design;
  • Dimming options for longer operation;
  • Automatic activation at sunset and/or before sunrise;
  • Integrated 360° PIR presence detector;
  • No power cables or wiring needed;
  • 4 days autonomy without sunlight;
  • 50 000 hours Philips maintenance free LED operation;
  • Flexible programming according to your needs;
  • Easy battery replacement access door;
  • Powder coated aluminium housing;
  • Quick, easy and safe installation.