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Product Description

From our 'Balmoral' series this product is by far the largest solar wall light that we offer. It's not only the biggest in size but it’s also the brightest too. With 51 LED bulbs it provides a very good amount of illumination.

This large wall light is a great new addition to our Balmoral collection of larger sized solar lights. It's made uniquely and exclusively for Solar Illuminations and not available anywhere else. This product is the largest and most powerful solar light of its kind. The light is all aluminum construction, has a vandal resistant, clear polycarbonate lampshade and the solar panel discretely built into the top of the lampshade. Standing about 25” high, with about a 14” diameter lampshade, this lamp is perfect for use in a wide variety of applications. Inside the clear polycarbonate lampshade there are 51 LED bulbs which never need replacing. The light output is equal to about 75 watts of conventional lighting. Installation is easy as this solar powered wall light can be simply screwed to any vertical surface. We also offer matching 'Balmoral' solar lights in the same 'Balmoral' series. Color of product is black. Color of light output is white.

Perfect for installing on buidlings, entrance areas and either side of a garage door. Suitable for residential and commercial applications as well as for use in public areas. It can be used around the outside of a home, on a porch or garage or possibly fixed to driveway entrance pillars or columns. It's ideal for locations where there is no electricity available or where it would be too difficult or too expensive to install electric wiring.

Lumen Output:

308 lumens

Solar Panel Wattage:

Typically dusk to dawn

Equivalent Incandescent Wattage:

Approx. 75 watts

Programable Controller: