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Product Description

REPL is an experienced solution provider for Solar pumping systems. Pumping water is in great demanded by farmers or in remote areas where there is no power grid system. It is one of the sensible and effective uses of solar electric power. With our engineering expertise, REPL is ready to take on your water pumping needs with the use of green energy and affordable cost.

Solar pumps are widely used in remote areas and islands for water supply, agriculture irrigation. They can also be used in industry, agriculture industry and water management works. The PV Pumping System consists of solar panel array, an inverter and submersible pump and solar pumping inverter is the controling center.

  • No Electricity Required.
  • It Helps In Saving Energy.
  • There Is No Fuel Cost –As Uses Available Free Sun Light.
  • Can Be Operated Lifelong.
  • It Is Highly Reliable And Durable.
  • Easy To Operate And Maintain.
  • It Is Also Useful For Clean, Drinking Water Sanitation And Also Irrigation.
  • It Reduces The Dependence On Rain Is Reduced.
  • It Creates Wealth For Farmers By Increasing No Of Crops.