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Product Description

The Sunny Aqua tank has been developed using 32+ years of NRG’s experience in the solar field, seeing the performance of various types of solar geysers in a variety of different water quality supply and finally after a lot of R&D, we have come up with a tank to withstand harsh water conditions.

Sunny ‘Aquasol’ is a solar geyser developed especially for areas with bad quality water. This geyser comes with thick specially treated steel, to withstand corrosive effects of chlorides in poor quality water and prevent tank leakage. This strong, robust tank enhances performance and life of the solar geyser.

Aquasol has been developed using Evacuated tubes as solar collectors (ETC). The Sol Series, consists of double glass tubes with the inner one coated with selective coating using sputtering techniques and then vacuum is created between the two tubes.

  • You needn’t worry about kids in the bathroom, as there is no possibility of electric shocks, as is the case with electric heaters.
  • There is negligible maintenance cost and NO monthly bills as compared to conventional geysers.
  • A Powder coated Aluminum body ensures a pleasing and long lasting system, as there is no corrosion and rusting.