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Product Description

We came across this unique requirement to dry Spirulena, which is a sort of algae, but supposedly a good source of protein and other nutrients. The algae is cultivated in tanks filled with water at a certain regulated conditions such as temperature and sunlight. This algae is then filtered and excess moisture is removed through squeezing/compression. The remainder of the algae has to be dried at controlled temperatures in order to dry it completely and then grind it into powder form. The other important factor in drying this spirulena was that it needed to be processed within 2-3 hours of being collected, else it lost its color and started decomposing and smelling. The client had taken several trials of drying in the open sun and the results were not really satisfactory.

They came to us for a solution, and since they had not seen a working prototype of a solar dryer for spirulena, they were hesitant in going in for a complete production size model. They decided to go in for a small prototype to take tests. We provided them with a small prototype design, and they were really impressed by the product quality, especially its color & its smell. Infact they carried out some tests for constituents of the dried sample and were amazed to see that drying in solar dryers helped retain proteins and other nutrients in much larger percentages than drying in the open sun. They were so happy, that they have just placed an order for a production sized solar dryer from us.

  • Savings in time
  • Increased production possible
  • Less space requirement for drying
  • More hygenic than drying outside in the sun
  • Cost Effective
  • Negligible maintenance costs
  • Free and Clean energy
  • Just one time investment, after that the energy is Free!
  • Quick Return on Investment (ROI) – just 3 years