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Product Description

The Illumient Smart Off-Grid system works with any light a customer wants (either D/C or A/C power). They range from 20 - 150 watts, yet provide the same amount of light on the street as HID lights that have much higher wattage. The long lasting LED effectively eliminates normal maintenance required for HID lighting. Options include pendant lights, pole tops and more.

Well planned cable management design for ease of installation

Batteries and electronics are elegantly stored within the pole base, putting the weight where it needs to be and making it easy to access, once again saving on installation and maintenance costs

Aesthetics are important – these poles offer many options for both color and finish, they are quite simply – gorgeous

StressCrete poles are made of a patented spun concrete process which provides extraordinary strength and “forever” durability, even in harsh environments. Download the new Illumient Concrete brochure.