Solar Lanterns

Solar Lanterns

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Module Rating : 10W/ 5W / 3W
Module type : Crystalline
Type : SMF

Product Description

Solar lanterns are new technology based portable lights which are highly energy efficient and consume very small amount of power. They comprise of high flux LED's which are highly energy efficient products and are already popular in market.

The main feature of these lights is that just by charging them fully once, they give the power backup up to 20 hours.

Battery rating :

12V/7.2Ah & 6V / 4.5 Ah lead acid battery Rating C/20

Lamp rating/type :

6W/3W (high power LED's, cool white)

Lumen output :

100-120 lumens per watt

Efficiency :


Battery low cut-off voltage :

10 / 5.4 V

Charging indication :


Battery low indication :


Back up :

Upto 20 Hrs. on full charging