Best Solar Street Light Manufacturer In Hyderabad

Best Solar Street Light Manufacturer In Hyderabad

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Light Capacity : 8 watt
No. of LED’s: 15
Solar panel: 20 watt
Back-up: Full night (in full charge)
Warranty: 1 year
Optional: Pole

Product Description

Arkavani Solar Living is a one-stop shop for wide range of solar lighting products in Hyderabad, offering Solar LED Street Lights, solar lanterns, solar fans, Solar LED Home Lighting Systems etc.

We manufacture and supply the premium Quality solar LED street lights in Hyderabad. Our latest technology, quality and service made us the best solar LED street lights manufacturer in Hyderabad. We use state-of-the-art Lithum Ion battery technology in our solar street lights to make them durable, easy to install, and theft-proof. Our solar LED street lights offer a very efficient solution for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial applications. They offer a perfect lighting solution for remote areas where electrical power is unreliable or unavailable.

Drawing from our decade-old experience in design & manufacturing, we have developed a unique LED street light design with inbuilt battery and charge controller. This makes the product light weight and easy to install. These solar LED street lights are ideal for many out-door spaces like Streets, Farmhouses, Gardens, Temples, Parking areas, Industrial areas, Open plots & Residential Layouts, Parks, Construction Sites, Mining Areas etc.