The money that you lose on hefty utility bills can come to some better use. Reduce your electricity bills by replacing all the fluorescent tubes at your home with LED tubes. This LED tube features single-end and double-ended power input and operates on 8W, 18W, 20W, 22W, 24W, 40W, 48W, 24W a power supply. It is a better alternative to the traditional lighting fixtures as it puts out high lumens efficacy per watt and has a correlated color temperature(CCT) of 4000 to 6500kelvin. A high CCT makes this. LED tube light is the closest to a natural lighting source.

A premium-quality standalone surface mounted (SMD-LED) chip integrated inside clear glass casing makes this tube reliable and efficient lighting fixture. Reduce up to 75% energy-consumption along with the cost of replacing the ballast as you install this energy-efficient lighting fixture!



This LED lighting fixture is a UL & DLC listed product.

Flicker-free start

Unlike fluorescent tubes that buzz and flicker before lighting up, LED tubes start as soon it receives current. Even when in use, these tubes will not render a humming sound like traditional lighting fixtures.

Ballast Compatible and Easy Installation

This tube is an A-Type A LED Plug-and-Play lighting fixture. It is an electronic ballast compatible product. Installing this fixture is a two-step process. First, take off the existing light off the socket. Second, replace it with this LED tube.

30 Days Return Policy

LED lights are energy-efficient and money-saving, and these will last longer than traditional lighting fixtures. Yet, if you do not feel the difference that these lights make, feel free to reach us to know more about our 30-day return policy.

3 Years Of Manufacturer’s Warranty

These LED tubes come with a three-year warranty from the manufacturer. These are tested to last more than 50,000 hours. If you want the LEDs to last longer, use them for about 12 hours a day, yet using them 24 hours a day will not decrease their life.

Voltage Input

This LED tube will easily operate on a power supply ranging from 120 to 277V.

Better Heat Dissipation

Unlike the fluorescent tubes, LEDs do not warm up as often as their traditional counterparts. There is not much heat-loss with these tubes, hence they do not need cooling. These tubes are excellent for use in places where you need 24-hours of lighting.

Low Maintenance Cost

Since this ballast-free tube is a plug-and-play type lighting fixture, you will not have to pay for its installation. There’s no need for ballast replacements.

CRI >80

The color rendering index (CRI) of this LED tube is above 80. At this CRI, every object that you’ll see under the light of this LED tube will look clearer and render true colors.

Wide Degree Beam Angle

This tube light fixture LED that comes in glass casing is ideal for lighting-up very large spaces while saving energy and money!

Energy Saving

Long-term use of these LED tubes can save up to 75% energy in comparison with fluorescent tubes. Lower energy-consumption means that unlike traditional lighting fixtures these tubes will not take a toll on your household budget. We highly recommend going for our LED tubes that are an excellent combo of lumen brightness and energy-savings.

Aluminium Heat Sink

An aluminum heat sink helps dissipate the little heat that these tubes generate over long hours of use.

LED Chip

A high-quality, standalone surface mounted (SMD) LED chip embedded inside this tube ensures that this is a reliable and efficient product.