Why we are saying this? You must be wondering 1there are tons of lights out there we all were using from the past several years. We never took lighting seriously, though it’s a part of our daily lives. But lighting has been changed drastically such as Halogen lights to Fluorescent tubes to Metal Halide Fixtures to CFL lights and now LED Lights.

LED Lights are the best source of brightness currently in the lighting industry and cost you very low energy bills. But, What if we say a lighting fixture can save up to 100% on energy bills? Sounds myth right? We understand!

Okay, Let me ask you. What is the largest source of energy? Any guesses??? Sun, What it can be! Sun is an ultimate source of energy, which will last to eternity. Moreover, it’s a natural source of energy, No-Harm to Environment…

How LED Solar Lights Works?

As we all know, reaching on Sun is next to impossible. So, How you can convert it’s solar power to lighten-up our homes, streets in the dark? Ever heard of Solar panels? No! I'll tell you. A solar panel or solar grid is a rectangle or any shape it can be. Placed mostly on the top outer surface of your home, industry or in the place, where they can get direct contact to sunlight from the sun.

Solar panels acquire sun-rays and store those heat and energy into Lithium Batteries. That Lithium battery is connected directly to your LED Solar Light. That Lithium Battery converts that heat of the Sun into DC and channelizes into your lighting fixture, which turns them On and can make them last up to 50,000 hours; if received proper sunlight.

It’s All About the Planet

It’s not only about the solar lights, but it’s also about the place where we are living in. Global Warming has reached the worst and broken all the records in the past. You must be hearing news all over the world, there is not a single place where natural calamities don’t occur. We just can’t deal with this, it doesn’t matter how advanced we go, we can’t stand against nature.

No, we are not saying this, it’s just because we are not using LED Solar light! But we all know, what goes around comes around! That’s what happening… We can’t change the fact that we are failing drastically.

What we can do? We ain’t make everything alright in a single day! But today small efforts, improvisation, and change will make a big impact in the future. Belive us LED Solar Lights are one of those small efforts!

We ain’t taking this seriously but by this change, we can save tons of natural resources and also decrease the carbon emission in the air. We just can’t change the fact we’ve been into our worst, but another side is, our small efforts today will make a big change for us and for the upcoming generation. That’s why we said:- LED Solar Lights is a Light of Future.

3 Major Benefits of Using LED Solar Lights

Cost Saving

As we wrote down before, these lights operate from solar power. So, there is no other way you need to pay bills every month. Now we are into a business. Right? It’s like a one-time investment; You will be paying for one-stop installation and having a very low maintenance cost. Since these lights are having 50,000 hours of work life. So, yes these solar lights can save 100% on your energy bills.

Eco Friendly

This is what all about! As name say’s solar lights generate energy through sunrays. Which can last up to eternity… However, these lights consist of LEDs in them that do not consist of mercury in them or do not create any carbon emission.

Impeccable Brightness

This doubt remains in a lot of people’s minds. Does Solar lights can provide the level of brightness as their previous fixture do. Well, yes these lights consist of LEDs in them and designed in a way that offers the utmost brightness or even better than your previous fixture.

Moreover, these lights consist of a 120-degree beam angle of light. So, the brightness would reflect every corner of the space without leaving any dark spot.


As we say, it’s all about the planet and light of the future! This blog is all about to make aware there is a small alternative available and by opting for those alternatives, we can make a great impact in the future. It’s all about changing our choice and concerning more about our planet. While LED Solar lights are one of those small green alternatives. If you have any other way’s to make our planet a better place, comment down below. We love to know from our readers.