Do you know that an LED panel light is a better option over a fluorescent tube? That’s right. This LED flat panel can replace any 200 Watt metal halide while providing brighter light. Since this LED lighting fixture offers a beam angle of 120°, it is ideal for use in both residential as well as commercial properties. You will need lesser LED panels in comparison with traditional lighting when using them for factory lighting, as these lights can cover a larger area.

This LED panel is a recessed lighting fixture that helps maintain the aesthetics of living and workspaces while providing ample light. It comes with a simple set of instructions that will allow fixing it in almost no time! If you have been thinking about replacing the lighting fixtures in your home or office, you must consider ceiling light panels. What do you say?



This LED panel is available at 50W, 45W, 70W, 150W

Voltage Input

This LED Panel will easily operate on a power supply ranging from 120 to 277V.

Lumen Output

This LED panel lighting fixture will offer a lumen output of high lumens efficacy.


This LED Ceiling Panel is a cETLus, Energy Star& FCC approved product.


Color temperatures are significant when it comes to lighting. At a correlated color temperature, this LED Panel lighting fixture will emit a cool or natural white light that will be easy on your eyes. Like the sun on a sunny winter day, this light will be bright enough to keep you elated on a rainy day!

Low Maintenance Cost

This lighting fixture will need minimum maintenance. It is a ceiling lighting fixture, it will resist dust accumulation, hence it will need occasional cleaning.


Using a compatible dimmer, you can dim this LED panel light on a range of 0-10V.

Panel Set Available

You can shop for these panels in the form of a 1Pc, 4pc & 12Pc set.

Recessed Drop Ceiling Light

This ceiling lighting fixture features a slim design that will keep up with the aesthetics of modern offices and homes. Since it is a recessed lighting fixture, you can install it flat into a false ceiling, and it won’t protrude.

CRI >80

The color rendering index (CRI) of this LED ceiling panel is above 80. At this CRI, every object that you’ll see under the light of this LED lighting fixture will look clearer and render true colors.

Wide Degree Beam Angle

This LED panel light fixture is ideal for lighting-up very large spaces while saving energy and money! Since panel lights cover much larger areas than fluorescent tubes or metal halide bulbs, they are efficient to use in large spaces.

Energy Saving

Long-term use of these LED ceiling fixtures can save up to 75% energy in comparison with fluorescent tubes. The energy-efficiency of these lights will allow saving money on utility bills.


This LED panel is a high-quality product that comes with a standalone surface mounted (SMD) LED chip embedded inside it. SMD technology ensures that our LED panels are reliable, robust, and efficient.

Safe Transportation

The ultra-thin design of this LED panel makes it portable so that you can transport it with ease.


This product is free from any toxic chemicals such as mercury or lead, thus it is safe for the environment. With the use of LED lights, you can limit your carbon footprint.

50,000 Hours Lifespan: This LED Ceiling Panel will serve you for more than traditional lighting fixtures. With the use of these lights, you will not have to worry about replacement costs for more than 5 years!

5 Years Of Manufacturer’s Warranty

Enjoy a risk-free trial of this product, for the manufacturer provides 5 years of warranty. If you want the LED lights to last longer, use them for about 12 hours a day. Yet, using them 24 hours a day will not decrease their life.

30 Days Return Policy

LED lights are energy-efficient and money-saving, and so is this 2x4 LED Panel. This lighting fixture will last longer than the traditional lighting fixtures. Yet, if you do not feel the difference that these lights make, feel free to reach us to know more about our 30-day return policy.