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Bid adieu to the traditional halogen bulbs and replace them with energy-efficient LED Bulbs. These LED Bulbs has a capacity of 6.5W to 15.5W and comes with a correlated color temperature of 3000K to 6500K. It will illuminate the indoor spaces and mimic natural light so that you enjoy good exposure to excellent lighting.

These bulbs will give a lumen output of 500lumens to 1600 Lumens and it can replace halogen bulbs of 24W to 60W. Our integrated LED Bulbs come with a 5-years warranty from the manufacturer’s end and these will provide more than 50,000 operational hours. The sleek and elegant design will blend with any indoor space and add more charm to the area.


Easy to Connect

You can connect these LED Bulbs directly to the fixture with a simple twist.


Halogen Bulbs or Metal-halide bulbs are frustrating because they flicker too much! LED Bulbs do not flicker. Since our LED Bulbs do not have any mercury or lead, they light-up without flickering.

Voltage fluctuations

Our LED Bulbs to operate on a power supply of 120-277V. thus provides a steady current supply. Since these LED Bulbs can operate on a voltage range, you can directly plug-in them. (without making any modifications)


Our LED Bulbs are ideal for indoors with LED compliant fixtures. You can easily mount these bulbs on the ceiling using fixtures..

>50,000 Life Hours

Our LED Bulbs are tested to last for more than 50,000 hours. Without any extra maintenance cost.

CRI >80

The Color Rendering Index (CRI) of these LED Bulbs is above 80, meaning that it enables you to view objects and spaces in true colors. The colors rendered under these lights are up to 80% sharp and accurate.

200 Degree Beam Angle

These LED Bulbs have a wide beam angle so they will illuminate large indoor areas with efficiency. These are perfect for rooms with low or high ceilings depends on the wattage.

Energy Saving

Long-term use of these LED Bulbs can save you up to 75% on utility bills.

Aluminium Heat Sink

An aluminum heat sink allows this LED Bulbs to dissipate any heat produced.

High-Quality LED Chips

Our products feature the highest grade of LED chips. The LED chip generates very low heat, it is eco-friendly and has a long service life.