LED High bay Light

Save up to 75% of energy on each lighting fixture with the use of the UFO High bay LED lights. This commercial-grade warehouse lighting is DLC certified. It is ideal for use in indoor spaces with a ceiling height of 15ft. - 20ft or more. This light is energy-efficient, so it will put out more brightness than the old 400W MH lights. It has a Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of 4000K to 5700K and lumen output up to 11852 to 3000+ Lumens, allowing you to see objects with more clarity. An inbuilt lighting control feature will allow dimming this high bay light in a range of 0V to 10V. The light is easy to install as you can hook-mount it on any surface.


Easy Installation

It is easy to install this recessed UFO High bay LED light. To fix this UFO Light, insert the hanging ring (that comes with this Light) into the hole of the UFO lamp and tighten it with a bolt. Use a hook to mount this structure on the ceiling. The installation process will be easier once you go through the manufacturer’s instructions.

Hook Mount

Use a hook that is heavier than the clamp. For hook mounting of the UFO high bay, you must have a hook that is heavier than the lamp. Make sure that the hook is 3-4 times heavier than the UFO lamp.

Thermal Heat Dissipation

This UFO high bay lighting fixture comes with an aluminum heat sink for excellent heat dissipation.

Small Electron Great Power

Upon applying an electric current to an LED, the electrons release and recombine with the holes inside the LED. The process which involves the formation of holes and movement of electrons results in energy release in the form of photons. Hence, it is safe to say that it’s small electrons that produce great energy.

Premium LED Chips

Premium LED chips from Epistar help us ensure that these LED high bay lights are robust. The chips are packaged inside the lights with high precision and accuracy allowing maximum operational efficiency to the product.

IP 65 Waterproof

An IP 65 rating suggests that this UFO high bay light is resistant to dust and water.

Ultra Wide Angle Lens

This UFOlight has a wide beam angle which is around 120 degrees. A high beam angle will allow this light to illuminate wider areas and huge spaces.

Rugged Construction

The casing of our UFO high bay features robust die-cast aluminum. The rugged casing makes this fixture durable so that withstands any external tampering.

Low Maintenance

This high bay light offers 50,000 working hours with very less lumen depreciation till the end of its lifespan. These lights need low maintenance, hence the cleaning and repair expenses are also low.

0-10 Dimmable

The UFO high bay as a dimmable product can be dimmed from 10 volts to 0 volts, 0V being the minimum light level that can be achieved and 10V being the highest level of dimming allowed by the dimmer. At 10 volts, the controlled lighting is at 100% of its potential output. Make sure you have a compatible dimmer for our UFO high bay dimmable light.

CRI >80

This UFO high bay light provides a CRI greater than the set standards. Excellent CRI allows viewing of objects and surfaces with greater clarity. The objects reflect their true colors in comparison with how they would appear in natural light.

Motion Sensor (Optional)

The motion sensor comes as an added accessory. You can choose a UFO high bay light with a motion sensor, as it can help to alert you of intruders.

Rebate Eligible

Since UFO high bay lights are DLC approved, they fall within the scope of rebate-eligibility criteria. You can be eligible for a rebate if you decide to make the shift to LED products for commercial facilities.