LED Downlight

You’ve seen those small lighting fixtures in jewelry shops or in clothing stores, those lights are LED Downlight. LED Downlights is having a very high CRI (Color rendering index) and showcase the true color of an object. However, these lights can easily replace your conventional halogen downlights, which saves 80% to 90% of energy. Also, having wider beam angles ensures the even distribution of light all over the place.

These lights will also last for more than 5 years as they come with 50,000 operational hours. These lights are energy star approved, so they will not put heavy loads on the power supply. An IP20 to IP65 rating suggests that this canopy light fixture is weather-proof, hence it is ideal for use in the dampest of places.



These Downlights fixture comes with a wattage of 15W to 30W. It can replace 50W to 200W of halogen downlights.

Color Temperature

These Downlights have a color temperature of 3000K-5000K, meaning that all objects under its light will appear clearer and ender true colors.


A DLC listing makes this LED Downlight fixture eligible for rebates. Also, this product comes with cETLus, Energy Star, and FCC approval.

Lifespan and Warranty

This lighting fixture will offer 50,000 operational hours, meaning that it will last for over 5 years. It comes with a 5 years warranty from the manufacturer.

Ergonomic Canopy lights

The design of this cay light will allow it to distribute the light in a larger space, hence it is an ideal outdoor lighting fixture.

Excellent heat dissipation

In comparison with traditional lighting fixtures, LED lights lose very little energy as heat. An aluminum heat sink helps dissipate any heat that this fixture gives out, hence it will perform for long hours without going faulty.

Robust Manufacturing

The materials used in the making of this LED Downlight are of premium-quality. Right from the integrated surface-mounted LED chip to the casing, this fixture is a robust choice that will resist accidental damages.

Low Maintenance

This lighting fixture does not need much maintenance as it resists dust. Also, the longer lifespan will mean that you do not have to change bulbs more frequently as it would happen with fluorescent fixtures.


This DLC listed LED Downlight fixture is dimmable, so you’ll be able to set its luminosity in a range of 0-10V power supply.