What is Commercial LED Lights? These lighting fixtures are those lights mainly used in industries or the spaces required high intensity of lights, Such as factories, or large warehouses. Lights such as Flood Lights, commercial High Bay Lights, Commercial Panel Lights, Commercial Pole Light, Commercial Tube Lights


These lights designed to ensure the utmost and clear reflection object and surface to maintain clear visibility at your space. While these lights consist of the grid of LEDs, they deliver exceptional brightness by even distribution of lights all over the surrounding.

Crafted with aluminum creates an exceptional heat-dissipation system and enhances the durability of the lighting fixture. It’s SMD chips also enhances the performance of the lighting fixture in the long-run,


  • Low Energy Consumption
  • High Lumens Efficacy
  • Even Distribution of Brightness
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • 50,000 hours or more life expectancy
  • Disadvantages

    Costly? It would be the first time but afterward, it would be the most money-saving feature you will have. These commercial lights do not require frequent maintenance, not like any other Metal-Halide or HID Lamps fixtures.