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SolarMyPlace an online B2B and B2C marketplace which brings sellers and buyers together to facilitate our society the transition to clean and sustainable energy through the solar power industry.

Renewable Energy

Solar energy is sustainable and renewable. Harnessing it will lead towards a clean and green future.

Diverse Applications

With the generated electricity, Solar power has diverse applications for home and commercial purposes.

Solar is carbon-free

Solar power is carbon-free and completely environment-friendly and is inexhaustible.


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Solar Panel

SolarMyPlace is an online B2B and B2C marketplace which brings manufacturers and suppliers together to facilitate our society the transition to clean and sustainable energy through the solar power industry.

With our philosophy of social and environmental shift towards renewable energy, we have a complete collection of solar and LED products including solar street lights, solar wall lights, solar garden lights, solar flower lights, solar string lights, solar panels, Indoor & outdoor LED lights for home and commercial usage.

We made our platform user-friendly & intuitive and our safe and secure payment solution ensures a sense of trust and responsibility towards our ethical service in the industry.

We are serving clients in the US, Canada, China and India and believe to impart a social awareness towards a green and clean future through educating our society from the best of our knowledge & extensive network in the industry.

Who We Are

SolarMyPlace is an online B2B and B2C marketplace bringing manufacturers, suppliers and consumers together to make our vision of transforming our society’s future into a sustainable one.

Through our extensive global network, we are aiming to minimize the gap between the production and consumer market.

With the aim of reaching every corner of the world, we are focussing solely on US, China, Canada and India markets as they contribute most of the solar power market production and consumption.

Our platform caters the industry with our huge range of products from LED Lights to Solar Panels for both commercial and home purposes.
We welcome our clients to partner with us.

We Provide B2B & B2C Leads

Leveraging our extensive worldwide network, we are aiming to provide B2B & B2C qualified leads to our clients in this fast-growing solar power industry. We already have 10,000 manufacturers and contractors as our clients worldwide.

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Vision, Mission & Values


With social and environmental responsibility, we envision our world’s future to be completely sustainable on renewable resources with the solar power industry.


Driven by our vision to dominate the industry as a global problem solver through integrity & transparency, business ethics, and a collective collaboration with our team, suppliers, manufacturers and distributors.


Integrity and Transparency

Committed to be completely transparent in our business operations and aim to build long term relationships with our clients.

Customer Commitment

To always deliver more than customers’

To Leverage Collaborative Genius

Bring excellence through the collective expertise
of our team, manufacturers and distributors.