You must have assumed by the title that this post surrounds three main important concepts. Why a facility owner would convert their lights into LEDs. are having an n-number of benefits when compared to commercial lighting. LED lights are more energy-efficient, maintenance efficient and are better quality lights.

Warehouse and complexes use one of two lights- fluorescent lamps or metal halide lamps. While metal-halide and fluorescent are better than incandescent bulbs but they still have some major issues like hazardous disposal, short life span, and less efficient lighting, compared to LEDs. These major points create a major issue and a big difference when it comes to the overall efficiency of the lighting system.

1- Less Warm-up time:- Metal-halide lights are very blatant for a warm-up time. It will take upto (10-20) minutes typically to get in full charge. You must have seen this thing in sports complexes and stadiums where the lights are turned on (20-25) minutes early before the sunlight is completely gone.

Wait! It means you are turning on lights even when you don’t require it. Oh by the way! Metal-halide took more charge in the low power, that means you are probably burning more energy per-watt.

2- Dimming Option is available:- Specifically, LED lights require additional hardware to avail dim. These lights are designed in a way that they have a dimming feature inbuilt in them. So, you just need to externally install a dimmer to control the illumination of lights.

That dimmer specifically have a range of dimming option 0V-10V. This dimming option can also bring you a lot of saving on your money. You can accordingly control the illumination and subsequently save you a lot of energy and dollars.

3- Weatherproof:- Yes! These commercials are designed to perform in the harshest weather condition as well. These lights are IP67-rated, which means they are protected from water, dust and extreme weather conditions. If you generally compare this from incandescent or metal-halide lights, these lights are very sensitive and can be short-circuited with a minimal amount of water sprinkle. But not anymore! These Commercial lights can take up to any weather condition.


Every range of commercial lights is beneficial in terms of metal-halide and industrial lighting. Installing LEDs at your workplace and complexes is a solution to all large faculties to control their energy bills. In this post, we present some generic points that why should you switch your lights to LED lights. If have any other points or suggestion then comment down below. We always appreciate the suggestion from our audience.