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SolarMyPlace an online B2B and B2C marketplace which brings sellers and buyers together to facilitate our society the transition to clean and sustainable energy through the solar power industry.

Renewable Energy

Solar energy is sustainable and renewable. Harnessing it will lead towards a clean and green future.

Diverse Applications

With the generated electricity, Solar power has diverse applications for home and commercial purposes.

Solar is carbon-free

Solar power is carbon-free and completely environment-friendly and is inexhaustible.


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Our Blog

Why Considering LED Lights is a Great Choice?

Light has been a part of human life for a long period. While humans and their surroundings have been evolved with time, so as the source of light also. Light took a long way from early man cave fire to oil lanterns, then gasoline lantern, afterwards fluorescent tubes and mercury bulbs, and at last we ended up on LED Lights.

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3 Reasons to Convert Commercial Lights to LEDs

You must have assumed by the title that this post surrounds three main important concepts. Why a facility owner would convert their lights into LEDs. LED lights are having an n-number of benefits when compared to commercial lighting. LED lights are more energy-efficient, maintenance efficient and are better quality lights.

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Do we need Solar

You must have heard nowadays everyone is coming forward to save the environment because we have very limited natural resources left and consumption is increasing drastically. Lots of buzz going around because if we don’t save our environment today then there would be nothing left for the future.

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